Monday, 13 June 2011

The Changing Face of Christchurch

The power cut out here at 2.20pm, with no sign of when it would return. The fact that it coincided with a 6.0 earthquake indicated that it could be a while. My oldest sister wanten go home so she walked her round to the breidge and then wandered round taking photos there are a lot of sand volcanoes. sediment/sand/silt, really dirty looking water. The colour of it makes me worry, and I won't lie, I did rinse my sneakers off a couple of times. My sister has a video clip of me poking one of the swollen bits in the road with my foot and wathcing it sluise out.

The local library has been in a state of completely disrepair since February but it has noticeably more damage now.

As for me... I've taken 3mg lorazepam through the afternoon. It's nearly half past seven and I'm thinking about curling up on a couch to try for a sleep. I think, even on Tuesday (February), we had aftershocks but they were small. There, there was a 5.5 at 1, a 4.4 a few minutes later, and after another hour a 6.0, which knocked our power hout. I just sort of want to cry miserably into a pillow.

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