Friday, 8 July 2011

Rabbit Feeding, completely gratuitous

This has nothing to do with politics, society, quakes or current events.

[description from YouTube:]
Dim as he is, my mini lop has learned what happens at dinner and gets really impatient. Unfortunately I didn't actually think ahead so occasionally I had problems holding the camera steady while trying to open the new bag of oats (he loves them) etc. It's also a bit dark, especially towards the end.

(Ignore the sirens in the background. That's quite normal here, I'm living in an earthquake zone.)

Incidentally, I got a response from Metroinfo about the problems with the website - they're going to fix the 12 route map but the comments about the uselessness of the timetables was basically "yeah, well, we'll get to it sometime." I also forgot one of the things I was going to put in that last post - sitting in a bus earlier this week, parked in the middle of the road outside Barringtons while the driver argued with a passenger about her not being able to hear his instructions because his radio was too loud.

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