Monday, 17 October 2011

Auckland University students protest over fee hikes (video)

About 50 students are currently occupying a clock tower at Auckland University in protest of a proposed fee hike.

Sarah Thompson, speaking from the tower, said the students had broken into the Princes St building and had taken over an office.

The sociology student said the protest was against a proposed four per cent increase in uni fees and the university's refusal to meet with students about it.

She said police were present.

The University of Auckland Council is this afternoon meeting to consider domestic fees for 2012 and international fees for 2013.

Auckland University Students' Association (AUSA) believes the council will agree to increase fees by four per cent, the same as they've done for the previous three years.

AUSA president Joe McCrory is calling for the council to reject the proposal.

"For years councillors have accepted successive governments shortchanging the future of their students when they approve massive hikes to student fees," he said.

Thompson, 30, said the students would stay in the tower until they found out where the meeting would take place.

The protest follows a rally at the student quad that began at 2pm.

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